The Power of Dormancy

Never believe that something will never happen if it doesn’t happen right away!

I just received an email message from a distant cousin I have never met, sent in response to a letter I wrote to another distant cousin I have never met. Commendable, but not very remarkable, right?–until I tell you that I wrote to the first cousin ten years ago!

When I started researching the Trewren family of my great-grandmother Mary (Trewren) Weaver (1871-1948) of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, I looked for “home sources”–those papers, artifacts, and memorabilia we and our family members might have at home. My mother thought that there might have been a Trewren family Bible in the possession of the mother of the woman who just emailed but, naturally, had lost contact with her family. I was able to find out that the possible Bible owner was deceased, but I tracked down another cousin and wrote to her.

Apparently the cousin to whom I wrote did have contact information for the possible Bible cousin and, in turn, wrote to her. The second cousin put the first cousin’s letter aside, as we all do, intending to respond. Ten years passed. Then two amazing things happened: she rediscovered the letter, and she contacted me.

Now, after a lapse of ten years, I’m going to contact the first cousin again.