The Case of the Disappearing Daughters, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this post, I talked about my search for the daughters of James M. Galt James M. Galt (1849-1939). Part 1 showed how the probate record of the girls’ maternal grandfather David West (1823-1898) provided key information that allowed me to complete the...


Tips for Attaching Trees to Your DNA Results

Today AncestryDNA announced that they sold 1.4 million DNA test kits in the fourth quarter of 2016, setting a sales record for the quarter and bringing their DNA database over three million participants.[1. “Ancestry Sets AncestryDNA Sales Record Over Holiday Period and Fourth Quarter,” 10 January 2017, Ancestry Corporate,...


The Power of Dormancy

Never believe that something will never happen if it doesn’t happen right away! I just received an email message from a distant cousin I have never met, sent in response to a letter I wrote to another distant cousin I have never met. Commendable, but not very remarkable, right?–until...