A Tribute to My Veterans

Each year on November 11, we pause to remember those who served in our military. Here is the roll of the veterans in my affinity.

In my generation (Vietnam and post-Vietnam):

  • My husband Jere Gene Mackin, United States Navy
  • My brothers-in-law Patrick Charles Mackin, United States Navy, and Richard Joseph Mackin, United States Navy

In my parents’ generation (World War I, Korea, Vietnam):

  • My father William Abromitis, United States Navy
  • My father-in-law Charles Galt Mackin, United States Navy
  • My aunt’s husband Edward Delroy Holmes, United States Army
  • My mother’s cousins and cousins’ husbands Earl Byron Woodbridge, United States Navy; Daniel Edward Weaver, United States Army; Clair Frederick Steimling, United States Marine Corps
  • My father’s cousins and cousins’ husbands Thomas Frederick Dougherty, United States Marine Corps; Eugene G. Conageskie, United States Navy; Raymond Albert Conageskie, United States Navy; Joseph John Regalis, United States Army; William Anthony Sakusky, United States Navy; Donald Joseph Sakusky, United States Navy; Kenneth Donald Fuehrer, United States Navy

In my grandparents’ generation (World War I, World War II, Korea):

  • My grandfather Abromitis’ brother Jacob Abromitis, United States Army, later United States Air Force; half-brother John George Abromitis, United States Army; and brother-in-law Stanley George Silkunas, United States Army
  • My grandmother Abromitis’ brothers and brothers-in-law Anthony W. Sakusky, United States Army, and Patrick John Kennedy, United States Army
  • My grandfather Neifert’s brother-in-law Earl Byron Woodbridge, United States Army

In my great-grandparents’ generation, no one served, but my great-great-grandparents’ generation was one of the Civil War generations. In that generation those serving were

  • Martin Neifert, 173rd Pennsylvania Infantry, and his brothers Henry Neifert, 52nd Pennsylvania Infantry, and Jacob Faust Neifert, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry
  • Absalom K. Whetstone, 129th Pennsylvania Infantry, and his brother Emanuel M. Whetstone, 19th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • Jonas Frantz, 104th Pennsylvania Infantry, and his brother Jacob Aaron Frantz, also 104th Pennsylvania Infantry

In my great-great-great-grandparents’s generation, also a Civil War generation, those serving were

  • Jacob H. Lutz, 67th Pennsylvania Infantry; his brothers Solomon H. Lutz, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry; Joshua D. Lutz, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry; Henry H. Lutz, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry; and Joseph H. Lutz, 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry; as well as his brother-in-law Matthias Rhoads, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Earlier generations served in the Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War, and several colonial wars.