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The Christopher Mackin Problem, or Three Brothers?

My husband’s most distant ancestor in his surname line is Christopher Mackin. Christopher was born in Ireland 10 August 18211 and first appears in American records in Madison, Wisconsin, where he filed a declaration of intention in 1854.2 Christopher also left land, tax, and voter records before dying intestate...


Identity and Timelines–New Tools for Download

I recently published an article called “Identity as a Research Tool” in The Septs, the journal of the Irish Genealogical Society International.1 In the article I used the case of two Iowa men with the same name to show how genealogists can build descriptions of the key characteristics of...


Labor Day 2016

The Legal Genealogist, Judy G. Russell CG, CGL, posted today about resources for researching our ancestors who belonged to labor unions. 1 Both my grandfathers, William Stephen Abromitis and Emerson Clinton Neifert, were union members; Pop-Pop Abromitis belonged to the United Mine Workers (UMW), and Grandpa Neifert to the...