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Great Quotes from Vita Brevis

I’m a big fan of’s Vita Brevis blog. This morning’s post has tips for Jump Starting your Genealogical Research from the various bloggers, including David Allen Lambert, Andrew Krea, and others. My favorites are the last two, from Penny Stratton and Scott C. Steward. Penny works in book...


What’s in a Name?–John Adam or John Adams

In my last post, about upgrading sources, I gave an example of accessing and citing a digitized copy of a book of biographies rather than a USGenWeb transcription from the book. The subject of the biographical sketch I cited was John A. Whetstone. John was the son of Elias...


Upgrade Your Sources

Genealogists need to be constantly mindful of the quality and reliability of the sources they are using. 1 In today’s world, digitization of original records and printed works is making higher-quality, more reliable genealogical source materials ever more widely available and ever more convenient to access. I was recently...