Monthly Archives: January 2012

Working with DAR Applicants

Last week, in my capacity as Education Chair for the Minnesota Genealogical Society, I had the opportunity to work with prospective members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In partnership with the Minnesota State Society DAR, MGS offered a three-hour workshop to support women preparing DAR applications. Despite...


Samford IGHR–English Ancestors

I just completed my registration for Samford University’s Institute of Genealogy and Historical Studies in June 2012! This will be my third year at Samford. In my first year, I took Elizabeth Mills’ wonderful Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis course (known as Course 4). My second year, I took...


Methodology: History versus Genealogy

A long time ago, I wrote a doctoral dissertation in history–never worked in the historical field after completing my degree, but completed it none the less. How is a historian’s methodology different from a genealogist’s? As a case study, I decided to analyze how I would have written my...