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What does raisin cake have to do with genealogy?

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Tomorrow I will be speaking at Hennepin County Library's annual Family History Fair on "Finding Female Ancestors." During my talk one of the topics will be women's historical household roles, including cooking, sewing, and needlework, and what recipes and crafts can tell us about family history. While I was preparing for a previous talk on researching Cornish ancestors--my Trewren and Edmonds ancestors came from Continue reading the story "What does raisin cake have to do with genealogy?"

“Removal Orders were new to me…”

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In the recent Legacy News e-newsletter from Legacy Family Tree,[1. The free newsletter contains information on genealogy topics from a variety of authors, as well as news about Legacy Family Tree software and webinars. You can subscribe by clicking here.] Canadian genealogist Lorine McGinnis Schulze wrote about finding a removal order for her fifth great-grandfather Thomas Blanden. "Removal orders were new to me Continue reading the story "“Removal Orders were new to me…”"